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Powell River Branch of the SPCA doesn qualify for a grant in aid from the City of Powell River, according to Dave Douglas, director of financial services.

The issue was added to the October 15 committee of the whole agenda. Councillor Dave Formosa said he had received about six phone calls from residents after the Peak published a story on October 7 about which organizations received grants in aid. http://www.kamagragelireland.nu The SPCA had applied for $10,000, but was turned down.

The SPCA has purchased land in the city for a shelter facility. Councillor Debbie Dee, who is a member of the committee that recommended which organizations received grants in aid, said the city can assist the organization by entering into agreements with it once the shelter is established. The SPCA also intends to apply for a permissive tax exemption, she added, which is another way the city can assist it.

The following are comments from online readers. kamagra gel Ireland In no way do they represent the views of Peak Publishing Ltd.

peeple pets first wrote on Oct 21, 2009 3:54 PM:” If the Pwell River SPCA is not a local organisation worthy of support, I don’t know what is. We find it really puzzling that some people don’t grasp that the lives of people their pets are entertwined, and when you help one you help the other.

Council carries on doling out cash to curlers and flying club people as they have always done, kamagragelireland and raise the rates for Rec Center users and us ordinary peons.

I was really hoping for a change at the hall, but looks like they will carry on business as usual. Mores the pity. ”

Ravenview wrote on Oct 22, 2009 8:28 AM:” The comments listed as to why our local POWELL RIVER SPCA was turned down for funding are unbelievable!

First, it is NOT a member of UNITED WAY. United Way deals only with people oriented charities.

Second, it does NOT receive Provincial funding!

Third, although it is a branch of the BC SPCA it is entirely local. The funds that were raised for purchase of the land for a shelter all was raised here in Powell River. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sildenafil No money was given by the BC SPCA or the Province. The caretaking of local animals is done by local volunteers.

Perhaps Debbie Dee thought that because the Provincial BC SPCA has an enforcement officer that covers a large portion of Vancouver Island and also Powell River in order to bring charges for neglect and cruelty that this was part of our local branch. It is not.

If the supposed guidelines by which the city chooses charities for grants does not allow for our local SPCA to even be considered, these guidelines should be reviewed.

The city is the beneficiary of the kindness and donations of our local residents who have cared enough to put their actions and their dollars into doing what the city should be responsible for.

Did you know that when the city picked up dogs in the past they kept them for just 3 days and then killed them? (small ones in a gas chamber and large dogs, by shooting them). Those days, fortunately, are behind us because of Audrey Hill and a cadre of volunteers from our community.

Also the SPCA cannot build a building until they are assured that operating expenses will be covered by property tax dollars from both the City and the Regional District. kamagragelireland Both the City and the Regional District have agreed to put this on the ballot for voters at a later date.

Of course our non profit local SPCA hopes that the city will set aside property taxes from the land just purchased. That is the very least that the City should and could do.

Hopefully this will set the record straight on our local SPCA and its currently unmet needs. ”

VI Voice wrote on Oct 22, 2009 7:53 PM:” But the Royal Canadian Legion got a grant. You could say they are not “technically” local, using the same standards as how the SPCA got denied. kamagra gel Ireland The Legion’s Branch 164 got funds and that Branch 164 is listed for the city of Lac du Bonnet in the Manitoba Northern Ontario region. Could that be correct!? At least that’s what’s listed on their own website:The local SPCA raises funds which stay within the community to provide services to the Powell River community. They are the BCSPCA’s Powell River Branch.

I would say the Mayor, Councillors, and citizens are lucky to have those SPCA volunteers WORKING so hard in Powell River to better the community, help so many people, and protect animals. http://www.kamagragelireland.nu If they did not provide their numerous services more calls would come into City staff, Bylaw Officers, RCMP members, etc! That would certainly cost the City more $$ than gifting a little grant money. “